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Pomona Chamber Board Member positions available now! Apply by June 14th, 2019.


Click below to download the application! Please submit the application to Monique Manzanares at mmanzanares@pomonachamber.org by June 14th, 2019.

Vote YES on Measure GO!

votes YES 2

The Pomona Chamber of Commerce supports Measure GO!

Mt. SAC serves a vital role in our community providing high quality, affordable college education and job training to local students. More students and families need Mt. SAC because the College offers an affordable alternative to the growing cost of four-year university systems.

Mt. SAC takes pride in helping high school students get a jumpstart on earning college credit by taking college courses. Expanding access to these programs while improving workforce development facilities is essential for training and preparing students for today’s in-demand jobs and a competitive global economy.

Now, more than ever, school security must be updated to keep students safe. If adopted by voters, Measure GO will install cameras, lighting, and up-to-date security measures –including improved security and emergency communications systems.

Measure GO is a $750 million education bond, which would cost approximately 2.5 cents per $100 of assessed – not market – property value.

Mt. SAC provides our community with low-cost education opportunities, a competent workforce for local businesses and organizations, and other community support. We encourage you to get out and VOTE YES on November 6th for this measure!

More Info: https://www.mtsac.edu/measurego/

California Clean Air Day and Updates from SoCal Gas

California Clean Air Day & SoCalGas Updates


SoCalGas is proud to support California Clean Air Day on October 3, 2018. A project of the Coalition for Clean Air, this is the first statewide effort of its kind to encourage individuals and communities across the state to take the Clean Air Pledge to reduce air pollution. SoCalGas supports Clean Air Day by promoting energy conservation and efficiency among our employees and customers. They offer rebates for energy-efficient appliances and no-cost weatherization upgrades for eligible customers. And, since the largest source of air pollution in California is from the transportation sector, SoCalGas has invested in clean technologies such as new near-zero emissions engines for medium and heavy-duty trucks that can reduce harmful NOx pollutants by 90%. See what you or your business can do to help clean our air, take the pledge today!


Every successful business owner has that moment. The moment when they realize their choice to open a business was worth it. SoCalGas is committed to the success of business owners and decision makers, and so they are offering a moment just as rewarding.

When businesses upgrade to energy-efficient natural gas equipment, they’ll receive rebates toward the cost of their purchase, not to mention the savings on their bill. More importantly, when they see the increase of their bottom line. This is the first year SoCalGas is offering the business option to submit rebate applications completely online! Click here to learn more about rebates and incentives!



Recently, SoCalGas joined businesses, affordable housing advocates, scholars, and local government leaders to announce the results of a new study it commissioned by Navigant Consulting, Inc. that advises policymakers to consider renewable natural gas for California’s low carbon building strategy as a pathway for Califonria to achieve its greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals. The analysis forecasts that replacing 16 percent of the traditional natural gas supply with renewable gas (RNG) captured from sources like dairies, wastewater treatment plants, and landfills, can achieve GHG reductions equivalent to converting 100 percent of buildings to electric only energy by 2030. By using a mix of both in and out of state resources, the renewable natural gas strategy is three times more cost effective in reducing GHGs than an electrification pathway. Unfortunately, many of California’s policymakers are pushing to remove natural gas from homes, and ignoring RNG, the lower cost solution. Learn more here!



Natural disasters and other emergencies can strike without warning. That’s why it’s important to be prepared at all times. The following tips are designed to help you prepare for an respond to an emergency.

  • Know where your natural gas meter is located and keep a 12-inch or larger adjustable wrench with your emergency supplies, near your building exit or next to your natural gas meter shut-off valve.
  • To keep your water heater from moving or topping in an earthquake, strap it firmly to the wall studs in two places – the upper and lower one-third of the tank – with heavy bolts and metal strapping.
  • Check your safety devices, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, to make sure they’re functioning properly.
  • Develop an emergency preparedness plan and kit.

Click HERE to learn more!

*Information obtained through SoCalGas Community Newsletter Sept. 2018

RELEASE: Assemblymember Rodriguez’s Legislative Package Crosses Significant Milestone

Assemblymember Rodriguez’s Legislative Package Crosses Significant Milestone

(SACRAMENTO)- Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez (D-Pomona) achieved several legislative victories this week, moving the majority of his legislative package through the State Assembly. Tackling difficult issues, including veteran homelessness, worker rights, college affordability, DMV wait times, and autonomous vehicle safety, Assemblymember Rodriguez has received large support from constituents and Californians alike.

“I am proud to bring my 30 years of experience as an Emergency Medical Technician and public safety advocacy to the State Capitol. This has helped guide me in putting forward a common sense legislative package that works to level the playing field for everyone, improve public safety, and provide relief to the middle class. None of this is possible without the involvement, feedback, and support of my constituents,” said Rodriguez on Thursday.

Bills moving to the State Senate include:
· AB-85 General assistance: employable veterans. Would extend General Assistance benefits provided by counties to honorable discharged veterans who meet specified requirements for up to 12 months in a calendar year.
· AB-263 Emergency medical services workers. “The EMS Workers Bill of Rights” seeks to improve working conditions of private sector EMS workers by seeking adequate rest and meal breaks, and violence in the workplace that these people face on a daily basis.
· AB-301 Driver’s license: examination requirements: certificate of driving skill. This bill will reduce the backlog of commercial Drivers Licenses tests at the DMV.
· AB-623 Autonomous vehicle testing: accident reporting. Will require accidents involving self-driving vehicles resulting in injury or death to be reported within 24 hours and allowed for the testing permit to be revoked if the technology is deemed unsafe.
· AB-990 CSU and UC: estimates of off-campus housing costs. It’s time that students and parents have accurate and reliable information for the cost of off-campus housing at UCs and CSUs.
· AB-1102 Health facilities: whistleblower protections. This critical measure would protect patient safety and nurses by increasing penalties on persons who willfully violate the patient and health worker whistleblower protection law.

Additional information on legislation can be found at www.a52.asmdc.org.

Assemblymember Rodriguez (Twitter) represents the 52nd Assembly District which includes the cities of Chino, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona and portions of unincorporated Fontana. He is Chair of The Assembly Committee on Public Employees, Retirement, and Social Security.


2017 Legislative Luncheon Panel Announcement

Please join us on April 21 to participate in this special event featuring legislators and policy makers representing your business and the community!

Participating Panelists
Congresswoman Norma Torres
California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones
Senator Connie Leyva
Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez
City of Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval
* With special guest LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis



Pomona Chamber honoring the Pomona Police Chief and local businesses at the 128th Annual Awards & Installation of Officers


installation invite 2016 2

installation invite 2016 3