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MBI Millennium Biomedical, Inc.

MBI Millennium Biomedical, Inc.
MBI Millennium Biomedical, Inc.

Millennium Biomedical, Inc. (MBI) is a medical device manufacturing company. We are located in Southern California, USA, where our products are held to the highest American quality standards for sales and distribution worldwide. We have developed our own innovative and proprietary Hydrophobic Acrylic, biocompatible material, with Blue Blocker UV additive. This platform material has been used to produce several ophthalmic devices. A number of IOL’s have been designed, manufactured, and CE Mark approved using this hydrophobic acrylic material. The three-piece and one-piece IOL’s with Spheric and Aspheric optics are being launched in the international market now.

(909) 621-7646
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360 E. Bonita Ave., Pomona, CA