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Brown Motor Works
885 W. Mission Blvd., Pomona, CA


Brown Motor Works history as a BMW Motorcycle dealer goes back several decades with Bob Brown, now semi-retired but still a frequent presence at our large and well-kept facility.  His overall experience as a motorcyclist would fill many pages, so let’s just say that he really knows bikes and really knows how to ride.

We offer an extensive and diverse base of motorcycling knowledge and experience.  Whether or not you are in the market for a bike, accessories, or riding gear, please stop in and say hello

(909) 629-2132
(909) 397-5145
D & D Golf Cars, Inc.
3505 Pomona Blvd.
Pomona, CA

If you’re searching for a wide selection of personal, commercial, and street-legal golf carts, look no further than D and D Golf Cars Inc. for an impressive inventory.  With over 30 years of experience in the field, you can depend on our highly-knowledgeable team to handle all your cart repair, maintenance, and fabrication needs.  You can also turn to us for affordable monthly service contracts.

http://www.Dand Dgolfcars.com
909 595-1115
909 595-1165
George Cross & Sons, Inc.
PO Box 2517
Flagstaff, AZ


George Cross & Sons, Inc., presents seven giant swap meets every year and has become known as the “West Coast’s Largest Antique Auto, Corvette, Porsche, Street Rod and Volkswagen Swap Meet and Classic Car Show.” THE POMONA SWAP MEET AND CLASSIC CAR SHOW, which is held at Fairplex in sunny Pomona, California, is the ultimate automotive event where you have the opportunity to turn your classic car, car parts and automobilia into CASH!

(928) 522-8515
(928) 527-1085
Guns & Hoses Detailing
144 Penfield St.
Pomona CA,


Metro Honda
9399 Autoplex, Montclair, CA


We are your San Bernadino County Honda Dealership specializing in new and pre-owned Honda vehicles, Honda service & Honda parts. Our knowledgeable sales staff have been trained and certified to provide amazing customer service. Our Metro Honda Dealership has been selling and servicing the Metro area for a long time – our experience is second to none! Receive a vehicle quote and schedule a service appointment all online! Your Metro Honda Dealership sells reliable and fuel efficient cars! Come visit our show room today!

(909) 625-5000
(909) 624-3697
National Hotrod Association
P.O. Box #555, Glendora, CA


The National Hot Rod Association, the largest auto racing organization in the world, has come a long way since Wally Parks founded it in 1951. NHRA has extremely loyal fans that are committed to the sport they love, and it’s easy to see why. They continue to have the best access to the behind-the-scenes action of racing. NHRA’s open-pits policy allows fans to get an up-close-and personal view of how teams rebuild engines. Drivers are often found in their pit areas, signing autographs and chatting with fans, who have the rare opportunity to get behind the wheel themselves in a variety of racing simulators in the Nitro Alley Fan Zone. Those are just a few reasons NHRA fans continue to be some of the most loyal in any sport.

(626) 914-4761
(626) 914-6930
Sigma Integrale.  LLC
154 Mercury Cir.,
Pomona, Ca

Sigma Intégrale is a technology, research and development company for the automotive and truck markets. As a technology company, we are continuously investing in new technologies to improve the level of service and experience for our diverse clients.

Initially, Sigma’s patented motion vehicle technology allowed for the suspension system of a real vehicle to move according to driving inputs experienced in a simulated virtual environment. Our technology has been successfully implemented and used around the world in everything from go-karts, economy cars, sedans, sports cars, trucks and more recently big rig semi-trucks.

More recently, we combined our motion technology with our vehicle integration and network systems knowledge to create a semi-autonomous remote driving experience. The technology allows for companies to install a device we call the SafetyBot™ inside the truck that connects to all the vehicle controls and together with external cameras, sound and sensors allows for safe remote operation of the truck in private environments or as an intermediary technology before the eventual future full level 5 vehicle automomy.