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Service Providers and Non-Profit Organizations

Valley Academies Foundation
1460 E. Holt Blvd. #4, Pomona, CA


The Valley Academies Foundation (VAF) is a California Non-Profit Corporation. The VAF Board of Directors includes past and present educators with 100+ years of cumulative service to the educational community.

Mission Statement:

Providing property management and related services to school districts to help ensure districts interests are met as well as the interests of the greater retail and non-profit sector.

(909) 620-2797
(909) 622-7719
Vocational Innovations
1532 E. San Bernardino Ave. B1-B5, Pomona CA

Vocational Innovations is a place where individuals with developmental disabilities are treated with respect and dignity. We provide quality service to adults who wish to enhance their lives through vocational skills development and provide opportunities to develop meaningful interactions with peers and members of the community.
We are located in a peaceful location in Pomona, California where we strive to enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities who are in need of positive behavioral intervention.
Enrichment activities include, but not limited to: Voluntary Opportunities, Arts and Crafts, Gardening, Recreational Outings, Culinary Opportunities, Exercise, Outings, Technology Labs, Mobility Training, and Vocational Opportunities.

(909) 971-3280
(909) 971-3440
YWCA San Gabriel Valley
943 N. Grand Avenue
Founded in 1935, the YWCA San Gabriel Valley has been a long-standing community partner. We work at the individual and community levels to achieve our mission of eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

We are an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit and an affiliate of the YWCA USA and a member of the World YWCA movement.

The YWCA SGV is committed to providing women, girls, seniors and their families with the information they need to manage the critical issues in their lives. We achieve this through our multi-lingual community education and service programs in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys.

The programs provided by the YWCA SGV include:

Services for Domestic Violence Victims: Shelter and support services so that adults and children can be safe, healthy, and lead violence-free lives. 24-Hour Helpline 626-967-0658

Teen Education Services:

1) Healthy Relationships Education Program for Teens to prevent teen dating violence and provide assistance for those already experiencing violence.

2) Respect for All Anti-Bullying Project that uses award-winning films and discussions to reduce prejudice and bullying.

Services for Seniors: Nutritious meals and care management so that elders can live in their own homes with independence and quality of life. 24-Hour Message Line 626-214-9465

Leadership Development Opportunities for women, girls and older adults.

The YWCA San Gabriel Valley provides equal access to services, regardless of sex, gender, race, color, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy or childbirth, age, medical condition, physical or mental disability, limited English proficiency, or any other classification protected under local, state or federal law.
California  Army National Guard
1700 E 1ST Street, Pomona CA
The California Army National Guard organizes, trains, equips, and resources community based land forces. On order, we mobilize to support state and / or federal authority. Across our organization, we are committed to improving, preparing and protecting our communities, state and nation. The California National Guard- we are force like no other.
Smiles and Tears Children & Family Services
925 N. Garey Ave. Pomona, CA
A foster family agency. Licensed to recruit potential foster family homes in Pomona and the surrounding areas.

The Smiles start when you open your home to a needed child regardless of his background unconditional, and the Tears dry’s when you unlock your heart to share love and your home to welcome a child and care for him with happiness your nurture and support them.
The smiles and Tears Children and Family Services mission statement is to provide quality foster care through dynamic partnerships with our Resource Families, staff and community so we can instill hope, trust, joy and meaning in the lives of children in our agency’s care.