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Coan Construction Co.
1481 E. Grand Ave., Pomona, CA


COAN Construction was founded in 1977 by Tom Coan.  With the help of his sons Perry and Jeff, this small operation quickly grew into a reputable and professional company.  Today, the company is a leader in specialty concrete construction in Southern California. COAN Construction Co., Inc. is dedicated to becoming a forerunner in the field of commercial concrete construction.

Construction Hardware Company
216 Pacific St., Pomona, CA


Construction Hardware Co was established in 1963 by seven former employees of Union Hardware and Metal Company, an old established California Company with distribution throughout the state. Union Hardware sold a wide array of building material, hardware, housewares and steel products. Construction Hardware Co. has matured, grown and expanded into a full service company ready to meet the needs of its customers.

(909) 594-9093
(909) 595-8050
Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Const. Authorit
406 E. Huntington Drive, Suite 202, Monrovia, CA


The Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority (also known as the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority) is an independent transportation planning, design and construction agency created in 1998 by the California State Legislature. The Los Angeles to Pasadena segment was funded through Propositions A and C (state and local funding). These funds were already in place when the Construction Authority was established and took over construction of the project in 1998.

(626) 305-7013
(626) 471-9049
400 E. Rincon St. Suite 105 Corona, CA

We give careful thought to every step of the home-building process by designing both beautifully crafted and functional homes in desirable communities across the nation. Construction excellence, innovative design, architectural integrity and value are the traditions Legacy Homes offer to you and your family.  As our family business grew from a local home-builder to a regional builder, we continued striving to put the customer first while providing an exceptional product that we would be proud of at an affordable price. This philosophy is the heart of our business today.

Pomona Valley Plumbing and Air Conditioning
420 W. Lambert Rd. #B Brea CA
Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Service Company

Our purpose is to provide and maintain the comforts of lives for all of our customers, we do this by offering service 24 Hrs. 7 days a week with an average of 2 Hrs. response time. We make sure that our highly trained staff care that our customers needs have been satisfied 100%!

Pub Construction, Inc.
23441 Golden Springs Dr., #104 Diamond Bar, CA


Mission Statement
– PUB Construction is a general contractor and construction management firm, dedicated to bringing life into our clients’ visions. applying an integrated approach to every construction project, we place the clients’ needs first. We invest the time to know and understand our clients, thus allowing us to start each project with a clear picture of a particular vision and its expectations. Whether the project

is a traditional bid, guaranteed maximum price, or a design – build, we are committed to making sure our clients are satisfied with the process, the end result, plus the value for their construction budget. We deliver results by combining technical expertise as a general contractor with the best management and tools. Each professional on our team bring years of experience, dependability, accountability, and control in the construction process.

(909) 455-0187
(909) 455-0188
Spectra Company
2510 Supply Street
Pomona, CA

Founded in 1985, Spectra’s unique expertise and unparalleled technical knowledge in the areas of historic preservation and specialty construction make us the #1 Specialty Historic Contractor on the West Coast.

We offer a diverse range of historic construction, restoration and preservation consulting services. These services range from managing entire rehabilitation projects as general contractor to restoration of all the many materials found on historic buildings to conservation of decorative paintings and murals.

For over 30 years, we have been entrusted with the rehabilitation of over 300 of the most cherished historical, architectural and cultural landmarks in the country.