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American Medical Career College
1460 E. Holt Ave., Suite 176 Pomona, CA


The demand for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) is growing exponentially as baby boomers are aging and are in need of care.  We are at the forefront in fulfilling that demand. We are the only CNA/CHHA program facility in Pomona that is comprehensive and affordable.We are a proud and dedicated health care training facility aim to make your first step to a nursing dream career a reality. We have diligent staffs and experienced instructors ready to meet and fulfill your goal.Whether you’re here to get an early start on your career or starting over, here at AMCC, we take pride in your success and make sure that we provide the RIGHT EDUCATION YOU NEED.It is our mission to help the community by HELPING YOU INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE.

909 625-8050
Associated Pomona Teachers
1976 W. Holt Ave, Pomona, CA


Associated Pomona Teachers (APT) is a non-profit corporation, organized exclusively as a professional school employees’ association for educational purposes. APT is a chartered affiliate of the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the National Education Association (NEA). The California Teachers Association exists to protect and promote the well-being of its members; to improve the conditions of teaching and learning; to advance the cause of free, universal, and quality public education;to ensure that the human dignity and civil rights of all children and youth are protected;and to secure a more just equitable, and democratic society.

Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W. Temple Ave., Pomona, CA


Cal Poly Pomona offers an affordable, life-changing education. Less than 30 miles east of Los Angeles, it enjoys the excitement of a diverse metropolitan while retaining the serenity of a foothill community.

(909) 869-7659
(909) 869-4535
Cal Poly Pomona Career Center
3801 W. Temple Ave. Bldg 97 Room 100
Pomona, CA


Our goal is to provide you with resources and assistance to address all aspects of career planning and job search. Choosing your career or making a professional transition is a very exciting process and we are here to help!

(909) 869-2337
(909) 869-4366
DeVry University
901 Corporate Center Drive, Pomona, CA


Become part of DeVry University’s Pomona Campus Community and take advantage of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in growing fields. As a student at DeVry’s Pomona Campus Community, you’ll experience an immersive, hands-on education through our modern, accessible facilities, which include computer labs, a game and simulation programming lab, and a full-service research library.

(909) 622-8866
(909) 620-5417
Huntley College of Agriculture, Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W. Temple Ave., Pomona CA

The Huntley College of Agriculture educates and trains the next generation of leaders in the farming, food and fashion industries. We offer our students hands-on, STEM-based learning experiences, ranging from working with crops and animals on our 173-acre-farm, to experimenting with food products in the lab, or designing and manufacturing a fashion line.

We also have partnerships with industry leaders, some of whom serve on our Dean’s Advisory Council. These partnerships not only give us the diverse knowledge to create meaningful curriculum, but they also provide internships that give our students first-hand experience working in the real world.

(909) 979-6971
Lowe Institute of Political Economy, Claremont McKenna College
500 E. Ninth St., Claremont, Ca

The Lowe Institute of Political Economy has three main goals.  Our first goal is to provide students with opportunities to apply, in a supervised environment, their textbook knowledge of economics to complex problems in fields ranging from academic research to policy consulting to corporate development.  Our second goal is to promote continuing education of faculty to renew their expertise and heighten their scholarly impact.  Our third goal is to raise the profile of Claremont McKenna College.

The Institute has sponsored research on a variety of public policy issues including health care and tax reform to the regulation of trade, international finance, monetary policy, commerce and public utilities. In recent years, the Lowe Institute has broadened its coverage of economic topics to include economic history, financial economics, labor economics, industrial organization, environmental economics and the economics of conflict so that we can better match the research interests of students with faculty. Research methodologies typically combine conceptual approaches learned in the classroom with data analysis and econometric testing. Students working at the Institute learn STATA, a leading econometric software package used in the private and public sectors to analyze economic data. Research results are presented at conferences and workshops and published in professional journals, monographs and conference volumes. Research sponsored by the Institute has recently appeared in top economics journals including the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, Journal of Economic History, and the Journal of International Money and Finance. Leading newspapers and public policy outlets including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and VOXEU, have discussed research sponsored by the Lowe Institute.

(909) 621-8012
Mt. San Antonio College
1100 N. Grand Ave., Walnut, CA


At Mt. SAC, students can get the full college experience without the full college debt. We give our students the support and excellent education they need to succeed in new careers, gain admission into top-tier universities, or advance in their current line of work. We have more than 200 degree and certificate programs, 25 support programs, and more than 50 student clubs and athletic programs.

(909) 594-5611
695 E. Foothill Blvd. Pomona, CA

Options For Youth Public Charter School is a free non-profit organization that has served students since 1987 who have fallen behind in school, are looking to get ahead on credits, or desire a non-traditional learning environment.

626-204-2500 X8326
Pomona Catholic High School
533 W. Holt Ave., Pomona, CA


We at Pomona Catholic, stand on the shoulders of those who have preserved our Catholic tradition in this community, and more importantly Catholic education for God’s children. The spirit of Pomona Catholic School is embedded in the generosity, faith, and commitment of our families who partner with our faculty and staff to create a dynamic 21st century experience in preparing our students to become moral citizens of an ever-changing world. Your talent, time and monetary contributions help us remain strong as we continually examine our programs for improvement. Our dedication to excellence requires your involvement and communication as we devote this year to goals of excellence, by ensuring student readiness for high school and college.


(909) 623-5297
(909) 620-6057
Pomona Unified School District
P.O. Box 2900, Pomona, CA


In 1954, the Pomona Unified School District was formed, with boundaries established by the state, uniting the Pomona Elementary School District, Pomona High School District, and Spadra Elementary School District.

(909) 397-4700
(909) 397-4881
San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps
1540 W. Second St., Pomona, CA


The mission of the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps (SGVCC) is to develop and transform disadvantaged youth in the San Gabriel Valley by providing academic, vocational, and leadership development while also employing them to provide valuable services to improve their communities and the natural environment. SGVCC is an intensive program that helps disadvantaged youth develop the motivation, self-confidence, work skills, and education necessary to take advantage of an opportunity to succeed in life. Guided by adult leaders, who serve as mentors, role models, technical trainers and supervisors, SGVCC participants work in crews of 5-10 to rebuild or revitalize blighted areas in their communities, usually areas of low-income.

(909) 397-9955
(909) 397-9960
School of Arts & Enterprise
295 N. Garey Ave., Pomona, CA


Mission Statement

To create accomplished life-long learners, the SAE’s standard-aligned, college- preparatory high school program emphasizes arts and business through innovative project-based learning.

The SAE is more than just a different kind of school. It is a total experience which transforms the lives of all who attend here. Students carry more than books around on a typical school day. They carry their guitars, sheet music, poetry journals, play scripts and dancing shoes. They dance at lunch and practice their musical instruments or sing. They work with college mentors to assist local businesses improve their bottom line. They are comfortable walking up to teachers and administrators and expressing their opinions. A snap shot of The SAE is one of eclectic, joyful, chaotic harmony.

(909) 622-0699
(909) 620-1018
University of La Verne
1950 Third St., La Verne, CA


The University of La Verne offers a distinctive and relevant educational experience to a diverse population of traditional-age, adult, and graduate learners preparing them for successful careers and a commitment to life-long learning across the liberal arts and professional programs. The University asserts a commitment to improving and enhancing local, regional and global communities.

(909) 593-3511
Western University of Health Science
309 E. Second St., Pomona, CA


For 39 years, Western University of Health Sciences has had a special mission: Educating tomorrow’s health-care professionals with a combination of scientific excellence and a humanistic, compassionate approach to patient care.

WesternU is one of the largest graduate schools for the health professions in California. Alumni rank among the top leaders in health care and medicine throughout the country and the world.

The University is home to more than 3,800 students in nine health sciences colleges and 20 degree programs, as well as more than 1,100 employees, and its main campus in Southern California is one of the most thriving enterprises in the Pomona and Inland valleys. WesternU Pomona, encompassing 22 acres, has helped transform downtown Pomona into a thriving mix of retail, commercial and educational enterprises

(909) 623-6116
(909) 629-7255
Cal Poly Pomona Foundation
3801 W. Temple Ave., Pomona CA

As the largest employer of students on campus, the Foundation offers valuable work experience and hands-on training to approximately 1,500 Cal Poly Pomona students each year. When you support the services that are owned and operated by the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, you help students obtain on-campus jobs, and help fund scholarships, campus programs and educational grants. Foundation enterprises include Dining Services, the Bronco Bookstore, the University Village and Kellogg West Conference Center & Hotel.

Southland Young Marines
P.O. BOX 1928, Pomona, CA
Non-Profit youth organization for boys and girls ages 8 thru high school. Focusing on teamwork, leadership and discipline, as well as living a drug free lifestyle.