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Barksa/Micro World Corp.
855 Towne Center Dr., Pomona CA

Barska Product Categories
Barska has an extensive selection of precision sport optics, gear accessories, security solutions and enthusiast products. From optics and metal detectors to biometric safes we have a product designed for your needs. Wholesale Optic products and sporting goods

(909) 445-8168
(909) 445-8169
Di Stefano Cheese
1485 E. 3rd St., Pomona CA

Di Stefano Cheese, a family-owned​ dairy company in Southern California has a lifetime of experience, tradition and passion for making cheese.

Our line of products is designed to satisfy the big demand of the restaurant/food service industry and retail stores alike. The delicious, creamy taste of Di Stefano Cheese can be enjoyed in your dining room or out on the town!

(909) 865-8301
(909) 865-5683
Flair Electronics
1568 Mercury Cir, Pomona, CA


At Flair we produce quality electronic security products and provide all of our customers prompt, courteous and comprehensive service. We will make sure the products we produce work per our specifications and our customer’s requirements. We promise to work in a timely and efficient manner to answer questions and get any information requested. We guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. We take the time to understand the project and ask all the right questions. We work on the solutions with urgency and get back to customers quickly because we know their time is valuable.

(909) 568-0063
(909) 568-0151
Golden West Lubricants, Inc.
1937 Mount Vernon Ave., Pomona, CA


All GoldenWest products are manufactured with the finest base stocks and the highest quality ingredients. We take great care in the manufacturing process. This includes choosing the right product all the way to ensuring high quality with our quality control program. The number one priority  for GoldenWest Lubricants, Inc. is customer service. Every aspect of our business is based on servicing you, our customers. This includes your initial contract with us and follow up support long after you have purchased your product.

(909) 865-1937
(800) 966-5823
Immunalysis Corporation
829 Towne Center Drive, Pomona, CA


Since 1976, Immunalysis Corporation has focused on identifying and meeting the demands of the toxicology marketplace. With an expansive line of ELISA and Homogeneous Enzyme (HEIA™) assays, plus Quantisal™ – our proprietary oral fluid collection device, as well as automation tools and confirmation support, Immunalysis provides forensic toxicologists with powerful, comprehensive drug testing solutions.

(909) 482-0840
(909) 482-0850
Injen Technology Co. LLd
244 Pioneer Pl. Pomona

pril 2008, Injen launched the company’s latest product line; the Diesel Power-Flow. Once again, Injen set new industry standards by incorporating the first Power-On-Demand air intake system with Vi Technology and with a removable stainless steel Pre-Filter. As in the past, Injen continues to set the industry bench mark for innovation, styling and technology.

With such an enthusiastic response for our new products, we anticipate solid sales growth within all market segments. Our innovative designs, high performance standards and quality workmanship will pave the way for our continued success for years to come. At Injen Technology we are committed to World Class Customer Service and unsurpassed quality and performance.

(909) 839-0706
(909) 348-0437
MBI Millennium Biomedical, Inc.
360 E. Bonita Ave., Pomona, CA


Millennium Biomedical, Inc. (MBI) is a medical device manufacturing company. We are located in Southern California, USA, where our products are held to the highest American quality standards for sales and distribution worldwide. We have developed our own innovative and proprietary Hydrophobic Acrylic, biocompatible material, with Blue Blocker UV additive. This platform material has been used to produce several ophthalmic devices. A number of IOL’s have been designed, manufactured, and CE Mark approved using this hydrophobic acrylic material. The three-piece and one-piece IOL’s with Spheric and Aspheric optics are being launched in the international market now.

(909) 621-7646
(909) 621-7556
Yamamoto of Orient
122 Voyager St., Pomona, CA


Founded in Tokyo in 1690, Yamamotoyama is a family-owned company specializing in green tea and nori seaweed. Today, the Yamamoto family still serves the finest teas and nori from the same spot as the original store, and all over the world. Pomona, California is home to our state-of-the art U.S. production facility. We institute the highest level of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and certifications. We are accredited by the SQF(Safety Quality Food) Institute, and certified with the Quality Assurance International (QAI) Organic Certification and KOF-K, kosher-certified.

(909) 594-7356
(909) 595-5849
Scientific Pharmaceuticals, INC.
3221 Producer Way, Pomona CA
Manufacture of dental materials.