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Pilgrim Congregational Church
600 N. Garey Ave., Pomona, CA



A small band of 36 Congregationalists formally organized Pilgrim Congregational Church on May 26, 1887 in the Taylor Opera House, located on the northwest corner of Third and Thomas Streets, Pomona. At that time there were only 10 other churches in Pomona. Grover Cleveland was in the White House for his first term. The church’s first permanent home was a chapel erected on the southeast corner of Third and Thomas where the Progress Bulletin building now stands. To meet the need for increased Christian school facilities, a two-story educational building, including Eells Hall, was erected north of Pilgrim Hall in 1952 at a cost of $125,000. A further addition to the school, Mayflower Hall, including a modern nursery and a youth chapel, was dedicated in 1960.

(909) 622-1373
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Shield of Faith-Community Builders
1750 W. Holt Ave., Pomona, CA


Our mission is to become a one-stop resource for individuals and families in need of social service assistance. We endeavor to provide life enhancement services through our Community Development Resource Center, such as: Resource Referrals, Food & Clothing Giveaways, On the Job Training & Placement. Housing Services, Youth Mentoring, Financial Aid Processing Services, Homeless Assistance, Health & Wellness Workshops and Life Directional Counseling.

Our housing development mission is to provide basic needs and services to aid the homeless and near homeless and low-income population who are willing to commit to improving their lifestyle: To provide opportunity for growth of the whole person: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; and to cooperate with the government, private sector agencies, and the religious community; To offer extended aid to those individuals or families willing to workup to their capabilities, toward a goal of independent Living;To seek additional development opportunities and be a leader;and faith·based housing development within the next five years. Families can participate in a variety of services offered through Shield of Faith Economic Development’s Housing programs and/or receive referrals to other agencies in the community that may be of assistance. Some of our programs include:


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