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American Medical Career College
1460 E. Holt Ave., Suite 176 Pomona, CA


The demand for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) is growing exponentially as baby boomers are aging and are in need of care.  We are at the forefront in fulfilling that demand. We are the only CNA/CHHA program facility in Pomona that is comprehensive and affordable.We are a proud and dedicated health care training facility aim to make your first step to a nursing dream career a reality. We have diligent staffs and experienced instructors ready to meet and fulfill your goal.Whether you’re here to get an early start on your career or starting over, here at AMCC, we take pride in your success and make sure that we provide the RIGHT EDUCATION YOU NEED.It is our mission to help the community by HELPING YOU INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE.

909 625-8050
Pomona Unified School District
P.O. Box 2900, Pomona, CA


In 1954, the Pomona Unified School District was formed, with boundaries established by the state, uniting the Pomona Elementary School District, Pomona High School District, and Spadra Elementary School District.

(909) 397-4700
(909) 397-4881
School of Arts & Enterprise
295 N. Garey Ave., Pomona, CA


Mission Statement

To create accomplished life-long learners, the SAE’s standard-aligned, college- preparatory high school program emphasizes arts and business through innovative project-based learning.

The SAE is more than just a different kind of school. It is a total experience which transforms the lives of all who attend here. Students carry more than books around on a typical school day. They carry their guitars, sheet music, poetry journals, play scripts and dancing shoes. They dance at lunch and practice their musical instruments or sing. They work with college mentors to assist local businesses improve their bottom line. They are comfortable walking up to teachers and administrators and expressing their opinions. A snap shot of The SAE is one of eclectic, joyful, chaotic harmony.

(909) 622-0699
(909) 620-1018