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Vocational College

DeVry University
901 Corporate Center Drive, Pomona, CA


Become part of DeVry University’s Pomona Campus Community and take advantage of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in growing fields. As a student at DeVry’s Pomona Campus Community, you’ll experience an immersive, hands-on education through our modern, accessible facilities, which include computer labs, a game and simulation programming lab, and a full-service research library.

(909) 622-8866
(909) 620-5417
San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps
1540 W. Second St., Pomona, CA


The mission of the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps (SGVCC) is to develop and transform disadvantaged youth in the San Gabriel Valley by providing academic, vocational, and leadership development while also employing them to provide valuable services to improve their communities and the natural environment. SGVCC is an intensive program that helps disadvantaged youth develop the motivation, self-confidence, work skills, and education necessary to take advantage of an opportunity to succeed in life. Guided by adult leaders, who serve as mentors, role models, technical trainers and supervisors, SGVCC participants work in crews of 5-10 to rebuild or revitalize blighted areas in their communities, usually areas of low-income.

(909) 397-9955
(909) 397-9960