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President & CEO’s Message

Greetings Members!

On behalf of the Pomona Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank you for your support and continued membership. I’d also like to introduce myself if I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting your business. I have the honor of serving as the President & CEO for Pomona Chamber and advocating your business.

In operation since 1888, the Pomona Chamber of Commerce has been an advocate for the business community and actively supports economic development in our city. It is my responsibility to continue the Chamber’s efforts and present improved programs and services that will bring great value to your business.

I am fortunate to be able to work with City Council, city staff and community organizations for the benefit of the Pomona. I am open to listening to everyone that has an interest in Pomona and certainly open to changes that will directly and positively impact our members and the City. I am confident that we can achieve great success and work towards a common goal: seeing Pomona thrive and be recognized as the great City we all know it is. I will be honest; these successes cannot be achieved without the help of our passionate members, outstanding volunteers and stakeholders!

Your Chamber investment allows us the opportunity to continue expanding and adding new programs that enable you, as a member, to further promote your business.

We offer your business many opportunities to meet with other Chamber members that you may want to do business with. Join us at one of our monthly networking functions every 2nd Wednesday of the month and annual events. Your participation goes a long way in maximizing your Chamber investment and establishing your business as an active organization in Pomona’s business community.

You can get more involved by becoming a part of one or more of our committees.  These committees meet on a regular basis, and we hope you will add your name to the committee that interests you.  Contact the Chamber to find out which team is a good fit for you.

In addition, as part of your membership, your business receives advertising in our website, weekly e-newsletter, and social media pages at no extra cost. As a Chamber member you will also receive discounted advertising opportunities with local media outlets. Contact our office for more information. So please, take advantage of these opportunities! Send us your advertisements, promotions and new happenings with your business and we will proudly promote it!

If you have not been in contact with us recently, I encourage you to stop by or give us a call and find out how we can help promote or grow your business. I can also stop by your place of business and bring the resources to you. If we have not had the opportunity to meet in person yet, let’s make a date!

Please do not hesitate to contact the Chamber office at (909)-622-1256.  Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our events in the very near future.


Monique Manzanares

President & CEO