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Ambassadors are visible at Chamber functions, welcoming new and prospective members, cultivating relationships with existing members, and facilitating introductions among all guests. In the community, committee members are regularly reaching out to local businesses and promoting the value of the Chamber.

Ambassadors gain business contacts through association with volunteers and members, participation in events and programs. The team is recognized at events, on our website and social media.

Who Can Participate?
Ambassador membership is open to existing Chamber Members. If you are interested in joining please contact the Chamber office.

Ambassador candidates must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

1. Must be able to demonstrate leadership experience and/or potential.
2. Must be able to make a commitment of time and effort toward program goals.
3. Must exhibit professionalism in all business and Chamber activities.

For more information on joining the team, please contact the Chamber office.

2016 Chamber Ambassadors


Gus Arias
Inter Valley Health Plan
(909) 623-6333 Ext. 508

Valerie Bangma
Magnus Corp.
(909) 718-1185

Renee Barbee
La Nueva Noz
(909) 762-1446

Stephanie Benjamin
(909) 985-3116 Ext. 131

Susy Calderon
Forest Lawn
(626) 733-2023

Shanell Fuquay
Fairplex So Cal
(909) 865-4075

Frank Garcia
Pomona Valley Hospital & Medical Center
(909) 469-9459

Frank Gonzales
USA Fit Force Taekwondo
(909) 979-7473

Vita Gonzales
USA Fit Force Taekwondo
(909) 979-7473

Rosanna Manzano
New York Life Ins. Co.
(909) 236-3061

Martin Ponce
One With Nature
(714) 614-6449

Interested in becoming a Chamber Ambassador?

Email the chamber for more information: info@pomonachamber.org