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Chamber members are encouraged to participate in a Committee. Join us at one of the regularly scheduled meetings to find ways to become more engaged. Interested in attending an upcoming committee meeting?  Contact the Chamber Office for more information.

  • Leverage your Chamber membership by joining a Chamber Committee. By joining a Chamber of Commerce Committee:
  • You become directly involved in the events shaping our community.
  • You work and network with the Chamber and Community leaders.
  • You and your business are directly visible within the Chamber and Community.
  • Committee meetings are listed on the Chamber Calendar.


Employment and Training Task Force Committee

The Employment and Training Task Force builds a bridge between education and local employers. The committee meetings serve as a forum for educators and business leaders to create a dialogue on improving learning environments and workforce development. We are continually working together with our partners to strengthen the workforce and quality of life through promoting awareness of the ongoing efforts of educational organizations in our community.
First Thursday of the each month at 9:30 a.m.
The Village at Indian Hill

Resource Development Committee
The Resource Development meets monthly and is responsible for designing and implementing strategies to raise additional funds to support Chamber strategic goals, objectives and activities.
Chamber Office

Events Committee
The Events Committee is a sub-committee of the Resource Development Committee and Ambassadors/Networking Committee. It is responsible for developing and organizing a variety of Chamber events including the monthly networking luncheons and banquets that help Chamber members expand their business relationships with each other as well as with potential new members.
Chamber Office

Ambassadors/Networking Committee
The Ambassadors and Networking Committee serve as representatives of the Chamber, by fulfilling the mission of the Chamber to support a strong, vital business community. Ambassadors are active in the business community by promoting and increasing communications to Chamber members and participating in Chamber public relation events such as ribbon cutting ceremonies, banquets and fundraising activities.
Chamber Office

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee serves the needs of our membership, by implementing new member services and programs. The Committee also assists in recruiting and retaining members. Committee members are available to provide information and answer questions about member benefits, activities, and help Chamber members make the most of their membership.
Chamber Office

Legislative Affairs Committee
The Legislative Affairs Committee was established to actively engage with elected leaders for purposes of supporting and promoting legislative positions that are beneficial to the economic vitality of the business, community and quality of life in Pomona. A priority is to monitor legislative actions at the local, state and federal levels, and work to identify, support or oppose legislation that may impact local businesses. This committee also plans events to engage in dialogue with local government representatives.
Second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.
Chamber Office

Executive Board
The Executive Board is comprised of members from the full Board of Directors. The Executive Board is responsible for the oversight of the Executive Director, mandates, contracts and evaluation of policy development. The closed meetings are monthly.
The next to the last Monday of the month at 9:00 a.m.
Chamber Office

Board of Directors
The Chamber Board of Directors is elected by the chamber membership. The Board is responsible for voting on Chamber business.
The last Tuesday of the Month at 8:00 a.m.
Sheraton Fairplex Hotel