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Mission Statement

Our mission is to effectively represent and promote business interests in Pomona’s culturally diverse community. This mission is to be accomplished by:

– Developing partnerships with government, schools, residents, and businesses

– Gathering and sharing information to promote better understanding in the community

– Providing strong leadership by advocating policies, practices, and legislation on significant issues which impact business

Since 1888 the Pomona Chamber of Commerce continues to provide the local business community with skills and resources needed to flourish in Southern California, the greatest single marketplace in the nation.

Today, our Chamber represents over 350 of your friends and neighbors, in big and small businesses. We promote their products and services in Southern California – where the action is. We strive to be their voice in the halls of government on the issues that effect and challenge businesses today and in the future.

Joining the Chamber

  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Business Directory & Resource Guide
  • Business Monthly Newsletter
  • Business Networking
  • City of Pomona Map
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Grand Openings & Ribbon Cuttings
  • Referrals of Chamber Members
  • Participation in Committees & Special Events
  • Website Link

The Pomona Chamber of Commerce gives you, our members, an opportunity to market your products to a variety of businesses in the Pomona Valley, through a number of events.

How to Join

Please submit your business listing through our online submission process. You will be provided an invoice by email once your listing has been received. Once your listing has been paid it will be approved and placed into our business directory.

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Current Members

Please submit your business listing updates through our online submission process.  Once your listing has been updated it will be approved by staff and moved into our business directory.

Need more help?  Contact Us, Send an email to: info@pomonachamber.org or call (909‌)-622-1256