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About Us

About the Pomona Chamber of Commerce

The Pomona Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to our City On The Move.  The
Chamber serves as the voice of your business community, the public relations arm of
your city and a friendly “front door” through which visitors, residents and businesses
receive the assistance they seek.

Most people have heard of their local Chambers but really do not fully understand their functions or just how vital their services are to the community.  The following is a list of
every day activity in your local chamber.

IT ANSWERS YOUR MAIL . . .  replies to numerous inquires about the surrounding
 area, about business and about you!

IT’S YOUR SPOKESMAN. . . your voice on questions of taxation and legislation.

IT’S YOUR BUSINESS AGENT . . . always ready to lend a helping hand.

IT’S YOUR SALES MANAGER . . .  it sells your city, your products, your service.

IT’S YOUR TRAINING AGENT. . .  conducts seminars and workshops on subjects
of concern and interest to business.

IT’S YOUR INFORMATION BUREAU. . .  it furnishes you up-to –the minute data
to help you conduct your business.

IT’S YOUR GOODWILL AMBASSADOR . . . it tells the nation about commercial,
 cultural, convention and recreational facilities.

IT’S THE VOICE OF OUR COMMUNITY . . . the rallying point for every civic 
movement whose objective is the benefit of the community.

IT MULTIPLIES YOUR EFFECTIVENESS. . .by providing structure, leadership, 
professional staff and full-time office operation.

For further information or assistance, call the Pomona Chamber of Commerce, (909) 622-1256

How to Reach Us

Let us know you are interested in advertising by using our online contact form, sending an email to: info@pomonachamber.org, or calling (909) 622-1256

101 W. Mission Blvd. #218B, Pomona, CA 91766

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