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Pomona Hope is a community-based organization. We were founded in the heart of Pomona by Pomona residents who love their City. All of our work focuses on bringing hope and transformation to Pomona and its people.

Pomona Hope is a faith-based organization. We are motivated by the example of Jesus, who came to bring hope to all, especially those who are poor, hurting, or discouraged. We are inspired by a God who restores broken individuals, families, and entire cities. We believe that God loves the City of Pomona, seeks its well-being, and calls us to share in its renewal.

Pomona Hope works in partnership with people of all backgrounds. We have joined with forces with wide variety of volunteers, donors, community members, and organizations, without regard to their background, geographic location, or religious affiliation. We welcome the support and partnership of all who seek the well-being of this City.

Pomona Hope seeks to strengthen children, families, and neighborhoods. We believe that the best way to transform Pomona is to focus on these fundamentals, and our programs never lose sight of these goals.

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401 N. Gibbs St Pomona, CA
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