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Sigma Intégrale is a technology, research and development company for the automotive and truck markets. As a technology company, we are continuously investing in new technologies to improve the level of service and experience for our diverse clients.

Initially, Sigma’s patented motion vehicle technology allowed for the suspension system of a real vehicle to move according to driving inputs experienced in a simulated virtual environment. Our technology has been successfully implemented and used around the world in everything from go-karts, economy cars, sedans, sports cars, trucks and more recently big rig semi-trucks.

More recently, we combined our motion technology with our vehicle integration and network systems knowledge to create a semi-autonomous remote driving experience. The technology allows for companies to install a device we call the SafetyBot™ inside the truck that connects to all the vehicle controls and together with external cameras, sound and sensors allows for safe remote operation of the truck in private environments or as an intermediary technology before the eventual future full level 5 vehicle automomy.

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